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We’ve been roofing and repairing flat roofs  for many years, so you can rest assured that the flat roofing service you’re going to receive has some of the best craftsmanship in the area. Plus, our materials guarantee quality. So, get in touch today for your no obligation quote.



There are several advantages to having a flat roof. As well as being cheaper to install and maintain, all the space is usable.


  • Flat roofs

  • Hot or cold flat roofs

  • Flat roof repairs


As well as general roofing repairs, we also offer a specific and comprehensive flat roof repair service. Whatever the issue you’re facing, our dedicated team of passionate specialists are able to take care of it.


Not all roofers are expertly trained to fit EPDM rubber roofing, but we are. This wonder roofing material offers the ultimate in adaptability and will provide your old flat roof with a whole new lease of life. Use EPDM on any shape or size of flat roof, whether newly built or in need of replacing. All of our roofers take pride in their work, craftsmanship and materials, and the customer always comes first.

Benefits of EPDM rubber flat roofing:

  • Lasts 40 years or more
  • Tough and completely weatherproof
  • Stretches to fit all shapes and sizes
  • Needs no maintenance
  • Copes with temperature extremes
  • Easy and safe to install
  • Excellent insulation against heat and cold
  • Modern and attractive

Signs Your Flat Roof May Be Leaking And In Need Of Repair?

There are a few common signs to look for if you require flat roofing repair or replacement Doncaster. These may not always be obvious at first, so inspecting your existing flat roof now and again is certainly a worthwhile task.

Water forming – If water is collected in puddles after rain it is a clear sign that your flat roof is beginning to sag. This can be caused by cracks that have formed or by a poorly installed flat roof.

Leaks – This is an obvious sign that something is wrong. If you see pools of water on the inside of your flat roof building it is a sure sign of a leak. Getting your roof repaired as quickly as possible is non-negotiable. Leaving a leak too long can mean a repair will not be sufficient and a full replacement may be needed.

Moss or other growths – If you see moss on your flat roof you may think it is harmless. But, moss can cause substantial damage. Seeing moss could also be caused by a non-visible area where water retention cannot be seen.

There are other signs over and above this which could mean your flat roof needs repair. As a flat roofing contractor do not hesitate to contact us should you want a second opinion.

flat roofing doncaster
flat roofing doncaster